Key Copying

We offer key copying for a wide variety of key types, including some of the programmable automotive keys. Unlike others, our key machine is a manual type, which allows us options not available on the automatic type machines. Many times we have even been successful copying broken keys.

Screen Repairs

We replace the fabric in most types of window screens as well as screen doors. If a window screen is missing or the frame is badly damaged, we can build new screens. Check with us for details, because some features on original screens cannot be duplicated. We will be glad to show you what is available.

In House Locksmithing

While we are not able to come to your location, due to Tennessee laws, we are able to rekey many types of door locks in house. Most times, it is possible to rekey a lock that has no key. Bring your locks by or call ahead if there will be a time constraint, so we can arrange a time when someone will be available to work on your lockset.

Propane Tank Exchange

We can exchange your 20lb. propane tanks with the new fill valves. Unfortunately, our supplier will no longer accept tanks with the old style fill valves.

Sharpened Tools

We sharpen many types of hand tools, including scissors, knives, lawn mower blades, shears, loppers, axes and others. Sorry, we do not sharpen chain saw chains.

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